LUTs and Presets

The last option on the top bar is Insert LUT or Preset. Clicking on this tool opens a browser for LUTs and Presets. What you see in here will depend on what you’ve purchased or added Color Finale 2 includes a number of LUTs and Presets with additional Presets available from the website.


Third-party LUTs in the .cube LUT format are also supported. A LUT is a single, composite correction that cannot be internally altered. When you select a LUT option from this browser, the LUT will be applied via the LUT Utility tool as a layer. You can also create a grade and export that as your own custom LUT via the Gear menu in the inspector control panel.


Unlike a LUT, a Preset selected from this browser will be applied as a Group containing numerous layers to achieve the creative look. You can enable, disable, or change any layer within the group. Thumbnails for both LUTs and Presets can be previewed with a reference image or as a Live Preview based on the current clip. When applying a LUT, you can change its color space, based on Final Cut’s color space choices.

Last modified July 14, 2021