Easy access and recall stored presets

A preset is a combination of corrections built in the Layers panel. Select any previously used preset from the Recent Presets menu. Applying a preset does not alter any values in the Corrections segment of the inspector control panel. If you haven’t used a preset yet, then None will be the only choice in the pulldown. As presets are used within the project, the pulldown menu will become populated with the names of those presets.

Click Preset Store to open a presets window. This window is to review all availabl Color Finale 2 presets and is not used to apply a preset to a clip. You can choose to show all available presets or only those you have purchased and installed. When Live Preview is enabled, the thumbnail images display the current clip with the appearance of those presets. Adjust the slider to reduce or enlarge the thumbnail sizes. When you are finished reviewing presets, click Done to close the Preset Store window.

Last modified July 14, 2021