Image Analysis

Instruments to help evaluate images

False Color

Enable False Color to view the False Color overlay in the Final Cut Pro viewer. This is used to warn you of out-of-gamut color errors. Darker portions of the image will be displayed in greens and blues, and brighter areas in yellows and oranges. When illegal levels are reached, those will be displayed in red. For example, portions of an image where levels exceed 100 IRE on a Rec. 709 project will show up as red.


The Isolate pulldown options include, None, Rectangle, Ellipse, and Horizontal Line. Selecting one of these shapes will display it as an overlay on the viewer. The shape can be moved around over the area you’d like to analyse. When you click and hold one of these shapes with the mouse, it restricts the output to the Final Cut Pro scopes to only display the area within the isolated region. This is useful for evaluating skin tone colors, for instance.

Isolate Statistics

Isolate Statistics is an on-screen readout in the viewer of average RGB percentages under the isolated shape.

Last modified July 14, 2021