Layers Editing Panel

Define complex grading styles

The Layers Editing Panel is a resizable, floating interface window that opens when the Edit Layers button is clicked. If you have Color Finale 2 applied to several clips on your timeline and open the Layers panel on one of them, it will stay open as you move between clips, as long as Color Finale 2 has been selected in the inspector panel for each clip.

Select from four color correction tools available on the top bar: Color Wheels, Curves, Six Vector secondary color correction, and HSL Curves. When a tool is selected, its controls appear in the main section of the panel and it is added as a layer on the left sidebar. Each new selection adds an additional layer. Multiple instances of any of these tools can be applied as layers. The order of the layer stack is bottom (oldest) to top (newest); however, you can grab and move a layer in the sidebar to re-arrange the layer priority. Each layer can be individually enabled and disabled by clicking the eye icon. Right-click a layer name for additional options, including to rename, duplicate, or delete a layer.

There‚Äôs a mix percentage and a pulldown menu for Photoshop-style blend modes at the bottom. Each layer in the stack, as well as layer groups, can use a different blend mode. In addition, there’s a button to add a mask and a trash can icon to delete that layer. Next to the trash can is another contextual menu with the same functions as right-clicking on a layer name.

The tool controls appear in the main portion of the Layers panel. Depending on the tool, there will be additional commands in the lower right and/or left corner of the main portion of the panel. Each has a Reset All command to return that layer to its default setting. In addition, when you hover the mouse over the name of a control, such as Gamma, the name switches to a Reset command. So clicking on the name of any individual control will reset just that one control to its default.

The top right corner of the header bar includes a pulldown to select a group name when you are using the Sync Group function. The default is None.

Last modified July 14, 2021