Color Chart

Color correction with X-Rite ColorChecker Video

The Color Chart feature enable Color Finale 2 to match a video clip to an X-Rite brand ColorChecker Video or ColorChecker Passport Video chart that was recorded within a clip.

Select from None, ColorChecker Video, or ColorChecker Passport Video in the Edit Chart menu. An on-screen overlay for one of the two charts is displayed over the viewer. Click into the viewer to pin the four corners around the visible chart in the video clip. Once you have aligned the blocks of the chart overlay with the on-screen chart, click Match Chart. Color Finale 2 will automatically correct the image based on matching the charts. Enable Match will then change to Disable Match in the HUD. If you don’t like the automatic correction, click Disable Match or Reset Chart and start over. You can also uncheck the Match Enabled box within the Color Chart segment of the inspector panel.

Chart-matched corrections may be stored and applied as a Chart Preset.

Last modified July 14, 2021